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CENTURY RENTAL TENTS The professionals in event covering. Quality tents TO CREATE GREAT EVENTS There is no job too small. We'll do'em all.
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Century Rental Tents

Whether it be a large corporate event or a simple
birthday party, we’ve got you covered!
From the largest tent you can imagine to a simple
instant canopy, you can get it all from the San
Francisco Bay’s Number 1 Tent Rental Company.

Optional additions like sidewalls, lighting, heat,
liners and flooring are also provided and that can
help to make your rental tent feel more like home.

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Our Services
Besides Tenting we provide a variety of services that will help you create beautiful event ambiances.
We offer a great variety of tent sizes. A large or small event, we got you covered.
Party Rentals
Tables, chairs, linens, etc. Now you can get all in one place.
If you need a sub floor for your event, we can do it. Need carpet for it? You guessed it.
Tent Decor
A beautiful liner can be installed in your tent and we can do it for you.
Keep your guests comfortable by using tent heating.
Need something for your band to rock? We can built a sturdy stage for it.
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    We are exited to share some of our latest projects with you.
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